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ViP projects

All projects granted within ViP are listed below.

The projects are assigned to one of three focus areas in ViP: Technical platform (MT), Methodology framework (MA) and Applications (AP/AC).

For more information about ongoing and completed projects, see the left hand menu.

Project portfolio

Common technical framwork - Technical platform


MT1  Tools - Technical Platform for Support of ViP Activities

Contact: Martin Fischer, VTI 


MT2  VisualEyes - Head and Eye Behaviour Measurement and

Visualisation in Simulators

Contact: Arne Nåbo, Saab  


MT3  Industrial Needs - Real Life Scenarios for Simulations,

Methods and Environment

Contact: Martin Fischer, VTI


MT4  Sound Generator for a Driving Simulator

Contact: Anders Genell, VTI


MT5  SBD - Simulator-Based Design, re-use part 1

Contact: Calle Isakson, HIQ


MT6  MeMoS - Methods to improve and evaluate the Motion

Sensation in driving simulators

Contact: Martin Fischer, VTI


MT7  SimHarm - Simulator harmonization and enhancement VTI - 


Contact: Arne Nåbo, VTI


MT8  Common Software Platform

Contact: Björn Blissing, VTI


MT9  DeDT - Driving environment Design Tool

Contact: Andreas Hagermann, HiQ


MT10 Known Roads - Real roads in simulated environments for the virtual testing of new vehicle systems

Contact: Arne Nåbo, VTI


MT11 High Speed Control of Long Combination Heavy Commercial Vehicles within Safe Corridors - Part 1

Contact: Peter Nilsson, AB Volvo (Volvo GTT)


MT12 Greit - Graphics engine interface

Contact: Carl Johan Andhill, Dynagraph


MT13 VIMSI - Fully linked behaviour measurements in a simulator world

Contact: Christer Ahlström, VTI

Alternative contact: Carina Fors, VTI


MT14 DeDT2 - Utökad förmåga att framställa komplexa körmiljöer

Contact: Martin Stenmarck, HiQ


MT15 SimArch2 - Programming and demonstrating the SimArch arcitechture.

Contact: Anders Andersson, VTI


MT16 Raisins - För generell användbarhet och körbarhet av resurser ingående i ViP-plattformen

Contact: Torbjörn Alm, HiQ


MT17 WinterSim - Winter testing in driving simulator

Contact: Fredrik Bruzelius, VTI


MT18 HarshSim - Cancelled


MT19 ViPCity

Contact: Carl Johan Andhill, Dynagraph


MT20 Night-time scenarios in simulators

Contact: VTI


MT21 LL SimulaTor - Lesson learned from the development of a SimulaTor.

Contact: Anna Selmarker, Scania


MT22 CoCoMo - Communication and Code Modularity in ViP's simulator software

Contact: Pia Lindström, VTI


Common simulator-based methodology framework

MA1  Method - Methodologies for Assessment by Simulation - 


Contact: Magnus Hjälmdahl, VTI


MA2  FICA 2 - Study 3: Validation of Method

Contact: Arne Nåbo, Saab


MA3  2TB - Secondary Task Workload Test Bench

Contact: Katja Kircher, VTI


MA4 ADEMAS - Assessment methodology and scenarios for autonomous driving

Contact: Magnus Hjälmdahl, VTI


MA5 eLKA - Driver reactions in distraction

Contact: Mats Petersson, VCC


MA6 LCV - Lane change scenario for safety evaluation of long vehicle combinations

Contact: Jesper Sandin, VTI


MA7 eLKA2 - Driver reactions on autonomous lateral support and interference with breaking and steering in simulator and on test track

Contact: Mats Petersson, VCC


MA8 CoolLab - Internal evaluation project

Contact: Calle Isakson, HiQ


MA9 VDTest

Contact: Bruno Augusto, VTI





AC1  Accelerated Testing of FCW for Trucks

Contact: Fredrik Stenson, Scania 


AC2  SleepEYE - Sleep Detection Eyetracker

Contact: John-Fredrik Grönvall, VCC


AP1  ESC - Methods for Design and Evaluation of Heavy Vehicle

Stability Systems

Contact: Nicolas Dela, Volvo Trucks 


AP2  Efficiency and Acceptance Assessment of two Different HMI

Solutions for Drowsiness Detection System

Contact: Hanna Johansson, Scania                  


AP3  Advanced Driving Simulator to Evaluate Sound Design

Strategies for Intelligent Transport Systems

Contact: Johan Fagerlönn, Interactive Institute


AP4  Driving in Tunnels - Impact from Design and Driving

Environment Factors on driver performance

Contact: Ruggero Ceci, STA


AP5  LDW - Active and Passive Lane Departure Warning Systems

Contact:  Göran Nilsson , SVMF


AP6  SPASS - Strengthen Performance Active Safety Simulator

Contact: Martin Fischer, VTI


AP7  DB2 - Driver and system controlled heavy vehicle steering -

driver behaviour in normal and critical traffic situations, and

evaluation of active steering driving support

Contact: Mathilda Fulgentiusson, Volvo Trucks


AP8  POVW - Principal Other Vehicle Warning

Contact: Birgitta Thorslund, VTI


AP9 CMbB - Cancelled


AP10 SleepEYE II - Sleep Detection Eyetracker: validation part II

Contact: John-Fredrik Grönvall, VCC


AP11 SleepNoise - Påverkan från ljud på förares prestation och sömnighet.

Contact: Eva Lahti, VCC


AP12 Tunnel 2 - Utveckling av Förbifart Stockholms Tunnelmodell

Contact: Ruggero Ceci, Trafikverket


AP13 Symboler- Utformning och användning av vägmarkeringssymboler i vägbanan

Contact: Göran Nilsson, SVMF




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