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Completed project

DeDT - Design tool for complex Driving Environments





The DeDT project has investigated and implemented functionality to generate more complex (city) driving environments by adding for instance junctions and advanced animated objects such as pedestrians and cyclists. The motive for the extensions has been to improve realism and widen the range of feasible driving scenarios. A design tool for generation of complex virtual driving environments has been developed for integration in the ViP technical platform/toolset. The development work has considered the simulator kernel and architecture, driving environment, scenarios and data logging. The new additional resource is intended to facilitate the time-consuming preparation of simulator tests.

The DeDT project has resulted in:

1. A tool for creating road/street junctions. The developed Junction Creator program is a GUI (Graphical User Interface) to create junctions in accordance with the OpenDrive standard. The tool has been used to design a number of junctions (.xodr format) and its capability is planned to be extended by including more functions.

2. The ViP library of static as well as dynamic objects (.fbx format) has been extended. Examples of objects are: animated people and animals, different types of vehicles, road signs, traffic lights, and buildings. The new assets are possible to re-use by ViP partners and contribute to filling the lack of urban objects. More objects need to be added in order to build city models. This is preferably done in collaboration with future projects in accordance to their specific requirements.

3. Models of the high speed part and country road part of the Hällered test track. The virtual versions of test track sections make it possible to go back and forth between simulator-based and real test drives in controlled settings.

The DeDT project has been carried out in co-operation with Test Site Sweden who has also co-financed the project.

Project manager: Andreas Hagemann, HiQ, +46 (0)730 928 911
Project partners: HiQ, VTI, Volvo Technology, Dynagraph, Pixcode, Bombardier, Swedish Road Marking Association

Reference: Alm, T., Hagemann, A., & Andhill, C.J. (2012). Driving Environment Design Tool - DeDT: Enhanced Capacity to Produce Complex and Dynamic Traffic Environments. ViP Publication 2012-3, Linköping: VTI, Sweden (internal report for the ViP consortium).

The software developed in the DeDT project is available at the ViP common software platform ViPForge ( Contact the ViPForge administrator Jonas Andersson Hultgren at VTI (




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