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Common Software Platform 


Many of the ViP projects contain a lot of software development, either as the main task (deliverable/product) of the project or as software development necessary to enable reaching the project goals. Therefore, the Common Software Platform project has investigated problems that arise when people from different organisations work together with software development.

Problems of mainly two types have been identified:

• Licensing issues with respect to the ViP agreement. How should developed/shared software be licensed?
• Technical collaboration issues. How can collaboration be simplified when it includes software sharing between individuals from different organizations?

Licensing. Different licensing options have been considered, and the project partners have come to the conclusion that the most appropriate license to use is the permissive free software license. With this type of license all ViP partners have unrestricted rights to sell, give away the usage rights of the software or the right to create derivative works, while the rights to the original work still remain with the partners who produced the software.

Collaborating. When developing software there is a need to store the source code in some form of repository, and as software is usually not free from errors another need is to track these errors as well as new feature requests. Developed software should also be documented. Thus, instead of running software repository, issue tracking and documentation as separate systems there are solutions (project management tools) available for running them integrated. Many of these tools also support additional features.

For ViP the project management tool CiliProject was chosen, after considering alternative solutions in terms of their price and easiness to install. A domain name,, was registered for the ViP collaboration platform (ViPForge). The collaboration platform was evaluated by allowing the project partners to create projects on the server. A dummy project was also added to the server allowing the users to try out different features of the platform without ruining any of the other ("real") projects.

Project Manager: Björn Blissing,, +46 (0)13 20 40 77
Project Partners: VTI, HiQ, Volvo Technology, SmartEye, Pixcode, Dynagraph, Saab Automobile, Swedish Transport Administration


Reference: Blissing, B. (2014). ViP Common Software Platform. ViP PM 2014, Linköping: VTI, Sweden (internal report for the ViP consortium).

The ViP collaboration platform is accessed via Access is granted by the ViPForge administrator Jonas Andersson Hultgren at VTI (

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