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Completed project


SimHarm - Simulator harmonization and enhancement VTI-Saab/Pixcode


The software (SW) and real-time systems in the VTI simulators and the Saab simulator (Pixcode software) have been developed in-house at the two sites, and thus look and work differently although they pretty much do the same thing. This means that if a model, or a study, is to be moved between the two simulators a lot of work (re-make) has to be done as they are not compatible. A common platform for simulation technology that allows for scalability and compatibility should solve the problem and be in line with the vision of ViP.

In the SimHarm project a step in this direction has been taken as:

• VTI's driving simulator software has been implemented in and adapted to the simulator facility at Saab Automobile. A test which has been set up at VTI can then without re-making be moved to Saab. Components that go along with the move are the scenario logic and the 3D world, but not the vehicle and HMI models.

• Saab's HMI models and vehicle system models have been interfaced to the VTI software. Examples of HMI models are instrument clusters and control panels, and examples of vehicle models are powertrain and collision warning systems.

The results of the SimHarm project will facilitate future cooperation and work sharing between the two sites, and make it more efficient in terms of time consumption and re-use of models.


Project manager: Arne Nåbo, Saab, +46 (0)520 780 40

Project partners: Saab, Pixcode and VTI


Reference (in Swedish): Bergström, H., & Nåbo, A. (2012). ViP SimHarm: "White book" Simulatorharmonisering och förbättringar VTI-Saab/Pixcode. ViP publication 2012-1, Linköping: VTI, Sweden (internal report for the ViP consortium).



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