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SBD - Simulator-based design, re-use part 1


In simulator-based product development and research re-use of resources, such as driving environments (visual and logical databases) and scenario definitions, is vital to achieve time and cost efficiency. Re-use is also a key component for collaboration between different simulator sites (platforms), i.e. for moving models and experiments between collaborating sites, for example preparing an experiment in a more cost efficient simulator (laptop or stationary) and then transferring it for execution in a high fidelity simulator if needed.

Several ViP partners have their own simulator resources and the SBD project was carried out in the form of workshops where developers and software designers from the partners shared knowledge and experience. The workshops covered the areas simulator kernel and architecture, driving environment, scenarios and data logging. Differences and similarities between the partners' simulators were described at a detailed (operational) level and the discussions focussed on different aspects of implementation of driving simulation software.

The SBD project has continued the work undertaken in the ViP project "MT1 Tools", but gone deeper into the simulator software and compared the simulators at code level in order to understand how to find parts that can be re-used in the future. Thus, it has given the ViP partners a much greater insight in each other's work on simulator development, implementation and application. In this way the project has paved the way for future work on bringing the different simulators closer together in terms of technical and functional compatibility, e.g. on establishing a common software base which combines the strengths of the simulators available in ViP.

Contacts and exchange with the SimArch project (where some of the ViP partners are involved) have been established.


Project manager: Tobias Östlund, HiQ, +46 (0)73 448 13 22

Contact person: Calle Isakson, HiQ, +(0)13 21 04 60

Project partners: HiQ, VTI,Volvo Technology/Volvo Trucks (contributions from Saab and Pixcode)


Reference: Östlund, T., & Isakson, C. (2011). Simulator-based Design Re-use - Part 1: Final report. ViP publication 2011-2, Linköping: VTI, Sweden (internal report for the ViP consortium).


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