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Completed project

Tools - Technical Platform for support of ViP activities


The Tools project has provided a survey of tools and facilities available at the ViP partners as well as their features. The identified resources include tools for virtual prototyping, environment modelling, scenario production, measurement, and human-in-the-loop simulation. All these resource classes are utilized in ViP, i.e. in the process of "Virtual Prototyping and Assessment by Simulation" (or simulator-based design - SBD).

Through a comprehensive evaluation the Tools project has identified bottlenecks and specific development needs leading to a number of project ideas. Some of these ideas have been realized in new projects in order to achieve the goals of efficiency and compatibility within the ViP centre. Collaboration with the ViP projects "MT3 Industrial needs" and "MA1 Methodology" has been important as there is a strong coupling between needs (type of projects), tools (platforms to support each type of project), and methodology (use of these tools).

The Tools project has increased each ViP partner's knowledge about other partners' simulators as well as the tools and processes behind them. Knowledge has been built and exchanged at workshops arranged in the framework of the project. At the workshops partners have demonstrated their technology and tools, and discussed the SBD process and how that fits into the daily development work at the different simulator sites.

Some important issues concerning joint project approaches in the future were raised during the workshops. All projects should for example aim at contributing to the overall ViP goal, and therefore plan for making project results accessible and usable for all ViP partners. The Tools project serves as a starting point for other joint projects within ViP, and based on the knowledge about the different tools available among the ViP partners it should be easier to find areas where new projects can and should be defined.

Project manager: Martin Fischer, VTI, +46 (0)31 750 26 09
Project partners: VTI, HiQ, Volvo Technology/Volvo Trucks, Dynagraph, SmartEye, Saab Automobile, Volvo Cars, Swedish Transport Administration, Scania

Reference: Fischer, M., editor (2010). Technical Platform for Support of ViP Activities - Tools: Final report. ViP publication 2010-4, Linköping: VTI, Sweden (internal report for the ViP consortium).

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