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Completed project

Greit - Graphics engine interface


The goal for this project was to make a clear and well documented interface between the simulator core and the visual system. Previously, the core was more or less tied to the Open Scenegraph based visual system VISIR. With the new interface, other systems will be allowed too. Whoever uses the simulator core can chose to use different visual systems depending on the needs.


An example of other visual systems is commercial game engines. Such game engines have superior visual quality and production pipelines for quickly creating 3D environments. As a part of this project we made a demo with a commercial engine where we demonstrate the following functionality:

  • Advanced materials. Grass, gravel and asphalt etc will look a lot more realistic.
  • Huge forests with undergrowth and grass.
  • Animations like pedestrians and wild animals.
  • Shadow and sun effetcs
  • Realistic water


Project manager:  Carl Johan Andhill, +46 (0) 702 28 18 17,

Project partners: Dynagraph and VTI


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