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FICA 2 - Study 3: Validation of method

The FICA 2 - Study 3 project in ViP was conducted in close co-operation with the ongoing FICA 2 project in Fordonsforskningsprogrammet (Methods for assessing benefit and validity of active safety principles and active safety systems). 


The latter project addressed the evaluation and prediction of safety related consequences of active safety systems with focus on driver behaviour. A methodology ("Handbook of test method for Active Safety Systems") with driving simulators as important tools has been developed based on studies in the static simulator at Saab.


The ViP project has contributed to the methodology development by conducting a third (validation) study in Simulator III at VTI. The objectives were to:


  1. Apply, evaluate and improve the FICA 2 methodology with the help of an independent expert user (VTI).
  2. Assess whether a critical scenario, in a moving base simulator with motion cues (VTI Sim III), generates similar driver response (quantitatively and qualitatively) as a similar critical scenario in a static simulator (the Saab simulator used in the methodology development).


The interest in point 2 above was to find out whether the effects of repeated scenario exposure on quantitative and qualitative driver brake response, found in previous studies in the static simulator, were similar to those in a simulator where the driver was given motion cues during braking.


A validated FICA 2 method could be a valuable tool for ViP partners when assessing active safety features using simulators. The method was expected to describe how to build scenarios, how to use secondary tasks, how to measure, how to select test participants and how to do the experimental design. A crucial part of the methodology was how to design test scenarios leading to the critical traffic situations necessary for evaluation of new crash avoiding technologies without driver expectancy and adaptive behaviours preventing the scenario from taking place.  

For results, please see link above.


Project manager: Arne Nåbo, Saab, +46 (0)520 780 40

Project partners: Saab, VTI, Volvo Cars and Volvo Technology/Volvo Trucks


The project was co-operating closely with the current FICA 2 project which was also co-funding the ViP project. 


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