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Driver Behavior 2  - Driver and system heavy vehicle steering

The aim of the project is to assess driver and system controlled steering in order to guide development of future active safety systems.


By being able to add and control a steering torque, the possible next step for Lane Departure Warning systems could be to guide the driver when unintentionally leaving the lane. Possible future alternatives to the current audio warning could be to present either a guiding manoeuvre or a haptic warning by vibrations in the steering wheel. This is not yet on the market for heavy trucks and the aim of the project is to evaluate the driver's impression of these new countermeasures in order to make sure that the intended effects are actually achieved.


Future active safety systems also require that we have good models of the behaviour of drivers with and without the active systems. The project will investigate which driver behaviour variations that can be identified in an evasive manoeuvring situation involving the Electronic Stability Program (ESP), as a continuation of the previous ESP project (AP1) within ViP, as well as study the steering behaviour when driving on narrow, curved and irregular roads.


Project manager: Mathilda Fulgentiusson, AB Volvo (3P), +46(0)31 32 33 439

Project partners: AB Volvo (3P and Volvo Technology) and VTI

Project period: May 2010 - January 2012


The project is collaborating closely with the Safer/FFI project QUADRA on driver behaviour modelling of driving with ESP.

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