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SleepEye II 

Sleep Eye II follows up were SleepEye I stopped. It is meant to link eye tracking related research questions in simulator, field tests and Field Operation Tests (FOT).  

In SleepEye I unique data have been collected with the possibility to validate measures about driving behaviour and driver behaviour in driving simulators. The same subjects have been driving in both simulator and on real road and there is a great possibility to compare how they performed, but also to look at how the thresholds for sleepiness warnings, extracted from the driving simulator, holds true for field test and in real driving (EuroFOT). It is of high priority to learn more about the ecological validity of the simulator, and in this case if an alert and a sleepy driver behave in the same way in simulator as on real road. A second question of concern is if thresholds for sleepiness detection warnings should be the same in simulators compared to on real roads. One of the major contributions from SleepEye II is the possibility to compare and connect identified thresholds in SleepEye I to the unique database received in the EuroFot project. Finally in SleepEye I an increased knowledge related to the embedded system in passenger car was received. Based on the results from the field study further improvements will be done, that is useful for future systems in the simulators. 


Project manager: John-Fredrik Grönvall, VCC, +46-(0)31-3254169

Project partners: VCC, SmartEye and VTI

Project period: February 2011 - March 2012

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